Buying a classic car is not an exact science, and no matter how much due diligence or money you spend you'll never get everything 100% right. But if you follow a few basic princples then you'll feel more prepared and less likely to buy a lemon!

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  2. There are many different reasons why people want to buy a classic car. There is no right or wrong reason; the key is to buy the classic car that's right for your individual needs and desires. 

  3. Purchasing a classic car requires research and patience. But it’s also something you should have fun with. Get to know everything you can about the classic car you want to buy.

  4. Know what the value is and compare the classic car to similar ones. You can learn a lot by reading online reviews and joining collectors’ groups, online groups and forums.

  5.  Whether you plan to drive the car on a regular basis, keep and use at weekends or just want to keep it on display, it’s important to get the car inspected. If you don’t have the necessary experience yourself then find a friend who does. Don’t be put off by minor defects, faults or body imperfections as this is part of owning and maintaining a classic car, it's unlikely you'll find a classic car that won't require some degree of tinkering, and ongoing maitainence.

  6. You also need to keep the car looking nice, and you'll want to maintain its vintage look and feel. Doing this requires a financial commitment. This may include not only routine maintenance but more costly repairs such as engine maintenance, transmission work, or interior changes. Research how much you will need to spend on upkeep before you get serious about buying a classic car.

  7. People buy classic cars because they love them, love driving them, working on them, checking them out as they sit in the garage or driveway. Like all owners, certain models stand out to you. You’re passionate about particular cars, so make sure those are the ones you seek to buy.

  8.  Realise that buying classic cars will take time, money, and effort. If this is your passion, it will be a much more satisfying and exciting hobby. 

  9. Buying classic cars and keeping them up isn’t easy. You’ll have to make financial sacrifices. You may experience some disappointments and frustrations. There are times when finding the perfect vehicle becomes difficult. You’ll have to devote the time and funds, and you’ll need to visit auctions, private-party sales, and online sites. Then, once you have the car, you’ll need to be meticulous in maintaining the car.

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