The Classic Cars That Are Perfect For Young Drivers

When you hear the term classic car collector or enthusiast, you can be forgiven for thinking that this only really applies to more mature drivers. However, there’s actually an abundance of younger drivers out there who also share a special appreciation for classic cars. Of course nobody buys a classic for practical reasons, such as commuting, but there are quite a lot of affordable models around, which are ideal for younger enthusiasts. Keep in mind, that no classic car is exactly cheap once you’ve decided to make the commitment, as it will cost to keep it on the roads, not to mention if it needs any restoration work. Realistically, as a younger classic car lover, you’ll probably need another cheap runaround to handle all the other day to day tasks too.When you make a decision on the type of classic car you’re looking for, it’s important to wait until the right deal comes along, always work within your budget, and make sure you consider the restoration work that it might need. So, with all this in mind, let’s take a look at some classic cars that are perfect for young drivers…


The instantly recognisable and iconic Mini has arguably had its place amongst the classic car greats sealed ever since the 1969 film, The Italian Job. This classic small economy car became known for its unique look and feel. The size of the car can make it feel like you’re doing 100mph when you’re doing 30mph, and there has been many types of Mini produced over the last few decades. Although the cars can be rust prone their popularity has continued to surge thanks to their availability, and the fact that their parts are fairly cheap and easy to find. 

Morris Minor

From looking at the Morris Minor, there’s no mistaking the fact that the classic car hails from a different era. However, the aged car has become somewhat of a national treasure since the time it was first produced, between 1948 and 1971. In its day, the car was a popular and reliable means of transport for a post-war generation, making it far more important than the Mini, even though it may not be as iconic. In 1961, it even became the first British car to sell one million units. There are estates, convertibles, two door and four door versions of the beloved classic available.

Ford Anglia

Now recognised the world over as the car from Harry Potter, the Ford Anglia is certainly popular with younger drivers. But even before its inclusion in the wizarding world, the classic car was already a well loved family vehicle. It’s also comparatively easy to maintain, certainly compared to other classics. It’s worth noting that when it comes to getting classic car insurance; t’s & c’s will apply just like any other form of insurance. With Carole Nash, your age and what you’re going to be using the vehicle for will determine whether or not we can offer you cover.