How 6 Classic Cars Got Their Nicknames

In the automotive world, classic cars are considered the cream of the crop. They are prized for their design and performance. When the public like a car, it’s often given a nickname to reflect its style. Nicknames can be funny, memorable and long-lasting. Here are six of the most unforgettable nicknames.

Long Nose for Jaguar D-Type

After 1955, the front of the Jaguar D-Type was extended by 19cm to increase its speed. This led to it being called a Long Nose. The car featured a fin that improved stability according to aerodynamic research. A racing accident in 1955 meant all future cars needed to be fitted with a passenger door, smaller fuel tank and full-width windscreen.

Flying Saucer for Alfa Romeo 1900 C52

Created in 1952, the Alfa Romeo 1900 was nicknamed ‘Disco Volante,’ which meant flying saucer in Italian. The car had a futuristic body shape that resembled an alien spacecraft. With a rising interest in space travel during the 1950s, the car was a product of the time. The 1900 had an aerodynamic design that brought together art and engineering.

Gullwing for Mercedes-Benz 300 SL W 198

The Mercedes-Benz 300 SL came out in 1954 and proved to be an instant hit with car fans. The SL was called a gullwing because the doors opened to look like the wings of a seagull. At a top speed of 160 mph, it was considered the fastest production car of its time.

Daytona for Ferrari 365 GTB

The Ferrari 365 has become so well known by its nickname that it’s easy to forget that it was never officially named Daytona. The media came up with the name to celebrate Ferrari’s 1-2-3 finish at the 24 Hours of Daytona in 1967 with their 330 P4. Since then, Ferrari have referred to the 365 as the Daytona. The car had a sharp-edged design that made it similar to a Lamborghini.

Beetle for Volkswagen Type 1

Originally, the car was called The Volkswagen. Not long after release, people started calling the car Käfer, which meant beetle in German. This is an example of a nickname that became so popular that it turned into the official name. With a snug, curved build, it’s easy to see why the image of a beetle comes to mind.

Tin Lizzie for Ford Model T

As the first affordable car, the Ford Model T is one of the most influential vehicles of all time. It represented a new age of automotives, with 15 million being produced between 1908 and 1927. The car got its ‘Tin Lizzie’ nickname from a race that took place during the 1920s. Noel Bullock entered a race at Pikes Peak driving a Model T that was in bad shape.Bullock called it ‘Old Liz’ and spectators compared the car to an old tin can. The car won the race and the ‘Tin Lizzie’ name stuck