5 Famous People Who’ve Owned Minis

When it comes to driving a classic car there are plenty of wonderful choices. For people who favour practicality and style, minis are an ideal vehicle. Minis have proven to be popular with celebrities as well. There’s a range of famous people who’ve owned a Mini, including Paul McCartney and Steve McQueen. Here are five celebrities who’ve been behind the wheel of a Mini. 

Paul McCartney’s 1965 Mini Cooper S

McCartney’s Mini is unique because it was turned into a luxury car by the head of Brydor design house, Harold Radford. The car had an Aston Martin California Sage Green metallic paintjob and featured Aston Martin rear lights. Other rare features included halogen headlamps and built-in fog lamps that retracted into the grille. The interior was made up of comfortable black leather. 

Steve McQueen’s 1967 Mini Cooper S

Steve McQueen bought a 1967 Mini Cooper S from the co-creator of the car, John Cooper. The story goes that he and Cooper became reacquainted on the set of The War Lover.  Cooper had previously sold McQueen a Cooper Formula Junior racer in 1961. McQueen’s Mini had a metallic brown body and beige top.

George Harrison’s ‘Magical Mystery Tour’ 1965 Mini Cooper S

Paul McCartney wasn’t the only Beatle who liked Minis. George Harrison’s Mini was nearly identical to McCartney’s other than the colour scheme. Harrison had the car repainted red and gold and included psychedelic pictures. This was to coincide with the release of Magical Mystery Tour in 1967. The car featured a full-length sunroof, Volkswagen tail lights and hood-mounted fog lamps. 

Enzo Ferrari’s 1960s Mini Cooper

Enzo Ferrari was a fan of the Mini and he used a Cooper in the 1960s. Sources have claimed the car was delivered to him personally by Alec Issigonis. His mini was modified to include a metallic paintjob and quarter lights on the doors.

Rowan Atkinson’s 1976 Mini 1000

Rowan Atkinson spent plenty of time in a Mini 1000 as Mr Bean. The car was Austin green and had a black matte bonnet. It featured a key-and-padlock entry system and detachable steering wheel that was used for comedic effect. Atkinson brought the nini back for the 2009 Goodwood Revival.Minis are beautiful cars that appeal to a wide range of people.